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Located on 5 S. Flagler Ave, Homestead, FL 33030, the historic Hotel Redland is the oldest building in the city of Homestead, Florida. The farming town of Homestead was founded in 1898. The Homestead Inn was built in 1904 by William Dixon Horne. It functioned as a mercantile supply store on the first floor with a rooming house directly above it. The inn was the first commercial building and hotel in Homestead and also served as the city's first post office and library.

Tom and Floretta Evans bought the inn on April 18, 1910. On the night of November 10, 1913, a fire started in the East end of the hotel attic. The fire was unable to be contained and severely damaged the building. It is still to this day, the largest fire in Homestead's history. It is said that several guests perished that night while still asleep in their beds. The damage was valued at $6,000 (approx. $115,000 today). Insurance only covered 1/3 of the losses. Just 9 days later, it was announced that a new hotel would be built on the same property. The structure was to be made of wood with a flat roof, a 10-foot porch facing the streets, and have 22 guest rooms. The hotel would now be known as the Evans Hotel.

In 1934, after several new owners and name changes, the hotel was sold to the owner of the Seminole Theatre, Jim "J.W." English. He changed the name to the Hotel Redlands and spent approximately $5,000 in renovations. He added new floor coverings, hot and cold running water by installing a 500 gallon solar water heater, and six new bathrooms with bathtubs, bringing the total to 10 bathrooms.

In May of 1936, the property was sold to hotel manager, Edward Gallagher. In the late 1940's, motels which offered modern conveniences, such as private baths and air conditiong. Because of this, the hotel fell on hard times, but managed to survive for the next few decades.

In August of 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida. The hotel suffered extensive damage, but luckily, the property's solid structure remained fully intact. The hotel was later renovated. After renovations the hotel was back on its feet, but in 1995 the hotel closed down. Inspectors discovered over 250 code violations. The Hotel Redland now layed condemed and was boarded up, with plans to tear it down.

In 1997, neighbors Jerry and Nancy Gust & Rex and Katy Oleson bought the property for $44,000. The partners spent one million dollars in renovations, which took 4 years to complete. The building now had 13 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. The Hotel Redland would now be designated an historic landmark by the Homestead Historic Preservation Board.

In 2020, the hotel closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but reopened with new ownership in early 2022.

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Miami New Times ~ A Night With Miami's Most Famous Ghost Hunter (8/16/17)

Miami New Times - A Night With Miami's Most Famous Ghost Hunter in a Haunted Homestead Hotel

Isabella Vi Gomes spent the night investigating the Hotel Redland with David Pierce Rodriguez and the South Florida PRISM paranormal research team. The complete article can be read on the Miami New Times website here.

EVP - Hotel Redland (5/2018)

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorded during a paranormal investigation of the Hotel Redland in room #202 on May 4, 2018. We hear what appears to be the voice of a child speaking, followed by the voice of a woman, just after PRISM founder, David Pierce Rodriguez, asks a question.

EVP - Hotel Redland (8/2017)

The voice captured appears to be from one of the original owners of the Hotel Redland (previously the Homestead Inn). This is video is from an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) session recorded during a paranormal investigation of the hotel in room #202 on August 12, 2017.

(VR 360°) Paranormal Investigation - Hotel Redland (8/2017)

Paranormal investigation conducted on August 10, 2017 of the Hotel Redland in Homestead, Florida with David Pierce Rodriguez, Tim Arnwine, and medium, Ana Echeverri from PRISM Paranormal Research. Many Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) audio clips were recorded during the investigation of the hotel.

(VR 360°) Paranormal Investigation - Hotel Redland (12/2016)

A short EVP session conducted in room #202 of the Hotel Redland in Homestead, Florida on Christmas Eve 2016. Room #202 was were a woman was thrown out of the window and killed. Testing out the GhostStop full-spectrum modified 4K 360fly for the first time. 360° video taken straight from camera to YouTube with no editing or color correction. Overhead room light is on with no extra IR lighting. Equipment used were a Panasonic RR-DR60 Digital IC Recorder and a MEL Meter. Nothing paranormal occurred in the short time we spent in room #202 on this night.  

PRISM Investigation | Hotel Redland ~ Homestead, FL (8/24/16)

On August 24, 2016, David Pierce Rodriguez, from PRISM Paranormal Research South Florida and Tim Arnwine, from Haunted South Florida, conducted a paranormal investigation of the Hotel Redland in Homestead, Florida. Many Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) audio clips were recorded during the investigation of the hotel.

Equipment used during the investigation includes, Panasonic RR-DR60 digital audio recorder, REM-POD, Rook EMF meter, Tri-axis EMF meter, Cell Sensor EMF meter, Digital Dowsing Ovilus III ITC Research Device, Digital Dowsing Paranormal Puck 2, Paranologies 360 Parascope, EDI Meter, and both full-spectrum and infrared video cameras.


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